Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Vintage inspired Fall (Thanksgiving!) nails

As promised, here's my Fall-vintage nail tutorial!  (I'm going to wear it for Thanksgiving...so it's my Thanksgiving nails >.>)

Nail polishes used:
OPI Top Coat and Natural Nail Base Coat

ORLY Instant Artist in Solid Gold, Sally Hansen in Sun Kissed, Essie's matte about you, and Sally Hansen's White On

Apply base coat (and make sure you take time to let it dry)

Optional: use tape to block out the places that you don't want to get painted

Two coats of Sally Hansen in Sun Kissed 

Apply matte about you (yes, I jumped on the bandwagon of matte nails.  This is soooo amazing!!!  It dries like how candle solidifies)

Take the tape off and clean the edges.  Then apply top coat only on the areas that are not painted. 

Next step is to make polka dots.  Since I'm cheap and don't want to buy a dotting tool...I just used the back of a round sewing pin.  

Take a piece of paper out and put a little bit of the nail polish on there so that you could dab the pin with it.  I think it's less messy this way.

Add gold line with the super thin tipped ORLY instant artist polish.  

AND you are done!


- Mimi

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