Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Scrap Exchange Dance

So, I went to the Scrap Exchange swing dancing event yesterday and it was a blast (regardless of the unhappy incident that I'm going to talk about).  Here's the outfit I put together for the dance, I thought the dress was perfect for the occasion.
Anyways, on to the unhappy incident that almost ruined my night.  I usually go swing dancing with my boyfriend and ex-roommate Kathryn.  Recently, Kathryn's new roommate Alice has joined us because swing dancing is an awesome form of exercise and way to meet new people.  While meeting new people is fun, it can also go wrong sometimes.  There has been this creepy guy that we occasionally dance with who gives us uncomfortable stares (long long stares from across the room...).  Now, I have no problem with dancing with strangers, and both Kathryn and Alice love dancing with different people.  It's just this one particular guy that creeps us out.  As a result, I have been trying to avoid dancing with him for a while now.  Well, avoiding worked well until yesterday...until he went to my boyfriend and asked why he wouldn't let me dance with other people (completely untrue).  Then he managed to follow us to the refreshments room and pointed his finger at my boyfriend and shouted at him by calling him a jerk.  I'm talking about this fully grown man (in his 50s perhaps?) pointing his fingers at a 22-year-old blaming him for things he didn't even do!!  So, I basically got really pissed off and went to talk to someone about it.  This worked out surprisingly well, because what ended up happening was that I had to tell the guy personally that it is MY right to choose who to dance with, and I CHOSE not to dance with him.  Lesson learned, don't get yourself involved with creepy people by being overly nice to them.  You just have to tell the person to stop when you need to!  So the night went on with no more trouble, and oh how it was delightful!  Thanks to everyone who helped me out!!

- Mimi

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