Sunday, November 6, 2011

Productive weekend is productive

Ah, I haven't blogged in a while, and this time the blog post is not all about food XD.  First of all, I went to the Scrap Exchange fabric sale on Saturday and hauled TONS of fabrics with my mother.  I also got some other junk that I thought would be interesting to make things out of.  One fabric I acquired only had one yard, but it was beautiful with gold prints, looking almost like a painting.  So I used my mad canvas stretching skills (XD) and made the fabric into three separate pieces of wall hanging thing (...what do you call this?).
Then, Stuart and I went out and dug up a four-leaf clover plant and a mushroom to plant in our new glass bottles we acquired.  I hope the mushroom doesn't die too quickly Q_Q, I'm not too sure if you can plant mushrooms....>.> 

I'm very restless when I have crafting project in my mind, so after dinner on Saturday, I decided to make a messenger bag for my beloved camera!  I found a very cute fishing/adventuring print fabric and some scraps of denim that I bought from the Scrap Exchange.  The design of the bag itself is very simple, just a box with a lid.  Who knew, it was much harder to make than I had expected for I have never made a bag before XD (I usually just make clothes).  Anyhow, the deed is done!  I'm in love with the bag for the print and huge button I put on the front.  I put some boxes in there as place holders for the future cushions that I'm going to make once I get some sponge or fillers to put in there.  

Now, Stuart and mom are making some yummy apple pies which might or might not become a blog post XD

Okay, that's that~


  1. So inspiring! I grabbed an armful of supplies at The Scrap Exchange, too... the kids and I are still plotting and planning what to do with it all. We grabbed a huge bundle of the jars a couple of weeks ago, too, but haven't decided on what we'll use them for... I'm thinking kitchen chemistry experiments. :)

  2. Kitchen chemistry experiments sounds fun!!! I sometimes just go to the artist market part of Scrap Exchange to find inspirations, people make so many interesting things out of recycled materials :D

  3. Love it! I was there on Saturday, too. I got sooo much fabric and sooo many ideas. Love your mushroom in the jar.


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