Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Nails :D

Oh I love doing my nails!!  While it is definitely NOT the most relaxing thing in the world, it is lots of fun!!  So here's something I did for a more wintery theme:

Up close, you can see the blue gradating I made.  This is a very easy way to paint your nail, all you need is two kinds of glitter nail polish one in a lighter shade of the color you want and the other in a darker shade.  Apply the lighter shade once on the entire nail, and then a second coat on only half of the nail.  Lastly, put a little bit of the darker glitter on the edge of the nail to make the gradation more prominent.  No mushy diary today because they didn't really grow Q_Q;  However, a vintage-fall themed nail tutorial is coming up!!

P.S. Glitter nail polishes are always hard to get off, so it's good to use MONSTER HAND!! (aka foil- wrapped-nail-polish-remover-cotton-balls.)


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