Sunday, December 18, 2011

Beary, the Jingle Bear

This is Beary, he is Stuart's jingle bear from the game Guild Wars.  Well, in actuality, he is just a polar bear with some bells attached to him.  Stuey and I made him out of regular printer paper with a polar bear papercraft pattern from Canon.  We modified couple places, but they are pretty minimal.  The pictures below show the progress we went through to make Beary.

Last but not least, below is a silly GIF of Beary who tried to drink some of the Wintersday tonics XD

- Mimi

Monday, December 12, 2011

Paper Flowers

Wah, I'm so lazy~  I have not blogged for a while even though I have collected so many topics to blog about.  Anyhow, since various holidays are approaching, I'm doing a tutorial on how to make some beautiful flowers out of construction paper.  These flowers can be used as holiday decorations as well as gifts.

- Stiff paper (construction paper, card stock, scrapbooking paper...)
- Glue (I used the regular Elmer's while glue)
- hot glue
- toothpicks
- Glitter
- Wire
- Nail Polish
- Pearl/beads

There are many tutorials on the web, so don't worry if mine isn't very clear >.<;
This is version 1.  It is pretty easy to make, however, you have to release the flower so that it can loosen up a little bit after rolling.  The gluing process might be a little tricky, so it is good to use a toothpick to help apply it.

Once done, you can glue some glitter on to the edges to make it prettier, or even better, just apply some nail polish.  The picture below shows a black flower with pearl nail polish.

There are also a couple of variations to my method by cutting the paper differently:
Version 2 makes flowers with uneven edges (like the one below)

Version 3 makes flowers that also look pretty interesting: (this is made by Stuart)
Here's a comparison of version 1 and version 2:

Below are some that are made from patterned paper with pearls in the middle.  The stem is glued onto the flower with a glue gun.

That's all, enjoy making flowers!!!!!

- Mimi