Thursday, November 17, 2011

Great find!

Today, I stepped into Nordstrom Rack for the first time to use a $20 coupon I have acquired recently.  I had less than 1 hour to shop, so I actually wasn't planning on buying anything that required going to the fitting room.  But oh how I was wrong!  There's something magical about a big roomful of clothing that makes me want to dig through all of them to find THE one that I want to take home with me.
First of all, Nordstrom Rack is not cheap.  Definitely cheaper than Nordstrom, but it is by no means Charlotte Russe.  There were many brand names that I couldn't care less about, so the price tags were not all that reasonable.  To me, things are worth more if I could be happy in it, and that depends on the aesthetics, comfort, and quality of  the clothing.  Anyways, I went through the shop once for a general view and found a couple of socks and cosmetics that I could spend my coupon on.  When I finally decide to stop at the dress section and go through everything that was my size, I found about five pieces of dresses that I really liked and had reasonable price tags.  After trying all of them on, I decided to take this beauty home.
without the belt
If you know me, then you will know that the flashiness of this dress is beyond anything I have in my closet.  However, I have to argue that since this dress is perfect for every season (it contains the essence of spring, structure of a summer dress, and the colors of the holidays), it is actually very useful to have.  Oh, and did I mention that I LOVE vintage dresses?  Well, doesn't this look like one of those darling garments that the Mad Men wives wear?  I'm also very much in love with the round soft belt.  

Either way, the best part of the dress has to be it's price tag.  $44.97.  Which means that I only paid $28 (with tax) for this with my awesome coupon.  Life is good when you can find cheap things!!  Anyways, I'm going to wear this to the Saturday swing dance at the Doris Duke Center so I might have some pictures of me in it later. 

- Mimi

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