Friday, September 9, 2011

Baba Ghannouj, Durham NC

Yesterday, Stuart and I went to eat at Baba Ghannouj, which is a Lebanese Bistro located inside the Erwin Square on Main Street.  You can visit their website at for their weekly specials.  The one we got yesterday was a free Baba Ghannouj platter with the purchase of one entree and two drinks.  Pretty awesome deal!

Compared to International Delight on 9th street and Mediterra Grill on Erwin, this place is much much better.  First of all, the restaurant was decorated very well: mustard yellow walls, rugs, paintings, hookahs... It had a very welcoming atmosphere.

I ordered a Baba Ghannouj veggie platter with Turkish Coffee, and Stuart had a Baba Ghannouj beef platter with Jellab (a type of drink made from Roses and Dates).  My platter contained a salad, three falafels, two grape leave wraps, baba ghannouj, hummus, pita bread, and tzatziki sauce.  Stuart's almost had the exact same thing except for the falafels.  The salad was very fresh with a little bit too much dressing.  The falafels are the best I have had in Durham, for they were soft and not greasy.  The grape leave wraps were not too acidic like the ones in International delight.  Stuart said that the meat was also very juicy and soft, unlike the overcooked ones in other places.

The price was very reasonable, ranged from $6 sandwiches to $50 platter serving six people.  Perhaps a couple of dollars more than International Delight but definitely worth every penny.  With their coupon, it is a super great deal!

Great restaurant, get their coupon online and go eat there!!