Monday, November 14, 2011

Miel Bon Bons Patisserie & Confiserie

My boyfriend is very sweet, he has a sweet tooth but also a sweet personality.  Last Friday, when I was the only one left in my office working, he brought me a box of French macarons from Miel Bon Bons in Carrboro.  These little sweet cookies made out of almond flour can be flavored with just anything and have the cutest forms.
This box of macarons contained assorted mystery flavors, some tasted heavenly (such as the mango one), and others were a little funky (I could swear that one tasted like playdough).  These macarons are probably some of the smallest ones I have had with ~1inch diameter. They are quite pricey for their size (about $2 each), but will definitely make a wonderful gift.  

Miel Bon Bons itself is a very small boutique-styled shop located inside the Historic Carr Mill Mall.  Other than macarons, they also make cakes and other pastries.  

Below are just my amateur attempt to take some pictures of these cuties.  


- Mimi

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