Tuesday, November 15, 2011

DIY Lace Earrings

This is my first tutorial post!!  Recently, I got very addicted to pinterest, which inspired me to do many projects from materials I have acquired over the years.  I found a very short segment of lace couple days ago in my box of goodies and decided to make them into earrings.

Materials I used are: Lace, Earring Hooks, Pearl Beads, Adhesive Pearls, Wires, Scissors, and Pliers.  
1. Lay out the lace to decide what part of it you want to use for the project.  2. Cut the lace.  3. Plan out where the beads go.  4. Put everything together with wire.  (background acquired from HERE )


It's a super easy to do project that will take very little time and it is very foolproof.  Have fun crafting!!!! 

- Mimi

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